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Our Services

Customs Clearing

Whether you are importing vehicles for commercial or personal use you dont have to worry about all the customs clearing procedures.

Just call us and we can help you clear your vehicles within 2 days from as little as R4000. We will handle all the paperwork for your vehicle to be released out of Walvis Bay port up to the point of customs clearing at Plumtree border post.

We also guarantee that your vehicle will be properly declared to minimise penalties that you might incur due to improper declarations at customs.

Freight Forwarding

Moving vehicles from one destination to another can involve many carriers, requirements and legalities which we at Bricon Freight services can handle on your behalf. So no need to worry about anything.

We can handle all the logistics involved to ensure you import your vehicle in a fast and cost effective way.


We have got established relations with major shipping companies that use the Walvis Bay port so we can deal with the shipping company you contract on your behalf.

This means that we can be able to monitor your vehicle from the time you buy it up to the time you receive it.

Transport Services

We have a number of experienced drivers that can transport your vehicle from Walvis Bay port to Plumtree Border post for only R2500


We can help you obtain the best rates
We can assist in the purchase of vehicles


If you want to collect your vehicle or goods on your own, there is no need to worry about accomodation because we offer convenient overnight self catering accomodation services at R150/ per person sharing.

Our accomodation benefits include:

Secure car parking facilities
Walking distance from the port

Why Bricon Freight Services International Cc

Not only are we a registered freight company in Namibia but we are located a walking distance from Walvis Bay port


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