We are a shipping and forwarding company based at Walvis Bay, Namibia that provides customs clearing and transporting solutions for goods and vehicles that come through Namibian ports. We also assist in the purchase and export of goods and vehicles in Namibia and abroad. Plus we offer Safe, Reliable and professional Car Carrier Service to transport your vehicle, from the port of entry to Harare

Our Services include:

Customs Clearing
Freight Forwarding
Transport Services

Want to import a vehicle?

Whether you want to transport the vehicle by yourself or you want us to do it for you, we can still help you clear and deliver your vehicle in 2 days. For efficient clearing of your vehicle you need to ensure that all the necessary documentation is available.
This includes:
  • 1. Copy of bill of lading
  • 2. Invioce of the car
  • 3. List of goods in the car
  • 4. Copy of pasport(person receiving)

Plus we can also assist in the purchase and shipment of your vehicle to Walvis Bay port.

 For more information please contact Brian Maiziveyi (Namibia) on +264 81 304 9702 / +264 81 825 5064 / +264 81 378 4251 or email briconfsi@iway.na